Thursday, May 31, 2007

What Do We Talk About When We Talk About Politics?

With apologies to Raymond Carver for the title ...

A CEVIPOF survey concludes, unsurprisingly, that executives, managers, professionals, and the self-employed take a greater interest in politics, by a considerable margin, than do workers and clerks. More interesting, perhaps, are the findings on what political subjects different categories of people discuss. The authors of the report say that "we find that Politics with a capital P does arouse the interest of workers when it appears to have some direct bearing on their daily life and reality rather than being part of traditional political debate, which seems to have lost its audience, especially in this segment of the population."

How many working-class voters responded to the debate about whether supplementary hours should be exempt from payroll taxes, and how many to appeals to "the France that rises early and works hard, obeys the law, and is proud to be French?"

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