Thursday, June 28, 2007

Appel du 28 juin

Readership of this blog has been developing nicely. Less encouraging is the small number of comments. What comments have been made have been interesting and cogent, but it would be pleasant to hear from more of you--and I know from the statistical summaries (and private e-mails) that there are far more regular readers than there are regular commenters. The bashful can always avail themselves of the option to comment anonymously. But it would be far more interesting to know who you are and to learn something of your interests, judgments, and opinions, even if they disagree with mine. So, please, make yourselves known and heard.


Anonymous said...

I'd often kind of like to comment, but I just feel so very ignorant that I always think I'd better not. I do very much enjoy the blog -- I'm well to your right, but even when I disagree with your posts, they're always impressively reflective and thoughtful (and, of course, informative). It's just I don't feel I have much to contribute; some of us would do better to listen than to speak.

Quico said...

I second that. There are different kinds of readers, readers who come in for different purposes. A lot of us come here just to learn and to be amused by your lovely, velvety style. Personally, I love being able to ask you questions, and I know this is the place to turn for background on issues that the press continuously cover but never explain. Nonetheless, I feel that trying to argue with you would be like hopping into a tennis court to "knock a few balls around" with Roger Federer - simply silly and demeaning for all involved.

If you want to really get a conversation going, I think you need to target specific people and launch some polemics. It's an old, occasionally unseemly, but doubtlessly effective blog trick: go through your blogroll, pick out posts that you think are misguided, and critique them on your page. Then give the opposing blogger a heads up and encourage him to respond. The blogosphere is great for this sort of thing: it would expose us to other bloggers viewpoints, and other blogs' readers to yours. I think it's the classic way commenters' communities are built up.

In other news, I like this new template much better - it's just more readable.

Unknown said...

Thank you both for your comments.

Anonymous said...

I don't think you should allow yourself to feel ignorant at all. All perspectives and opinions count, and when you are able to share your reactions, whether they are gut feelings or comparative examples from other countries and time periods, we all learn. This is public deliberation, take advantage!