Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Dispatch 2 from Athens

I'm a bit out of touch here in Athens, where it isn't easy to find a French newspaper, but I gather that the PS collective leadership has repudiated Royal's overture to Bayrou and that Bayrou hasn't returned her call. This is a stunning disavowal of the candidate and titular party leader by her comrades, whose hostility, open enough during the campaign, can no longer be disguised as mere tactical divergences. Since Royal presumably still enjoys the backing of a majority of party members, the question of the future of the PS becomes more urgent than ever.

I'm not sure I'll have access to a computer over the next few days and will probably be more out of touch still, but stay tuned.

Thanks to Cindy for her informative post.


Marcos Ancelovici said...

There are a number of scenarios circulating on the web about the future of the PS. On Rue89.com, Wasmer proposed an aggiornamento. Many people favor the same option, but everyone remains vague as to the direction and process of such aggiornamento. Jacques Attali, as for him, proposes a tabula rasa: resignation and complete renewal. I discuss these points on my blog.

Hope you're enjoying your trip.


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