Thursday, June 28, 2007

DSK Is Not Amused

Like Laurent Fabius, Dominique Strauss-Kahn wants to make way for the young at the Bureau Politique of the PS. He hardly makes the job sound enticing, though: "Taking two hours to figure out where to put a comma in a communiqué that nobody will read no longer amuses me. I did it for two years. It's better to make room for younger members so that they can gain some political experience and prepare themselves to represent the PS tomorrow."

The combination of langue de bois, condescension, and contempt would be hard to match. So the way to prepare yourself to represent the PS tomorrow is to take on meaningless drudgery and hack work today? With such meticulous preparation, the Socialists will no doubt continue to do as well in the future as they've done in the recent past.

Soyons sérieux. Fabius and DSK are quitting the BP because that's no longer where the action is. Royal's circumvention of the party apparatus has persuaded the éléphants that the only route to power is to build a movement around their own persons. The battle is on.

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