Saturday, June 2, 2007

Press Censorship?

A journalist, Alexandre Lévy, alleges that an article of his that was scheduled to appear in Matin+ was censured on orders of FOS (friend of Sarkozy) "Vincent Bolloré or someone in his entourage," according to an article in Libération and Lévy's blog. The alleged grounds: disrespect for the French police. Philippe Thureau-Dangin, the editor of parent publication Le Courrier international, protests that the grounds for the decision, "failure to respect neutrality," are so vague as to justify censorship of nearly anything. He intends to clarify the "neutrality" clause in his paper's contract with Bolloré so that "this doesn't happen again."

Bolloré is the financier who lent Sarkozy his yacht for a brief vacation following his May 6 election.

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