Wednesday, July 18, 2007

American Francophilia

So who reads this blog in the United States? If you were to map American francophilia, what do you think it would look like? A map of blue-state America?

A reasonable first guess, but wrong: actually it resembles a map of influence in antebellum America more than anything else. The dominant states are Massachusetts (but perhaps one needs to control for the fact that I'm a homeboy and that there's a link on the Web site of the Center for European Studies), followed by New York, Virginia, and Pennsylvania.

Then there's a sort of bloc in what used to be called the Northwest Territories and the Missouri Compromise area: Illinois, followed by Minnesota, Missouri, and Iowa.

Across the old Black Belt we have solid contributions from NC, Georgia, Florida, Louisiana, and on into Texas and New Mexico.

The west is led by California, of course, followed closely by--surprise--Nevada (but I believe the faithful Greg Brown may account for most of that traffic himself), and then Washington.

Montana, Wyoming, Nebraska, SD, Mississippi and West Virginia have generated no traffic whatsoever. Do we attribute this to francophobia, sparse population, the digital divide, or just having better things to do than read blogs about France?

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