Thursday, July 5, 2007

Another Poll

I know that the reduction of politics to opinion polling can be extremely annoying. The methodology can always be criticized, the polls are often commissioned by interested parties, and, hey, this one comes from Le Figaro, so why should we take it as gospel concerning the mistakes of the left? But still, 72 percent is an impressive number, so far above 53 percent (Sarko's score) that it probably means something that that many people approve of the way that Sarko and Fillon work together and have divided responsibilities. And worse still for the PS, 78 percent of Bayrou voters feel that way. So can it be smart that the PS, which most observers would say needs to win over Bayrou voters if it is to start winning elections, has chosen precisely this theme--the ridicule of Fillon as flunky and Sarko as "omnipresident"--as its chief line of attack on the new government?

Or is it suicidal? Once again, the PS is the victim of its own propaganda. It branded Sarko "hyperactive" before the election and now calls him "hyperpresidential." Manifestly, the epithet failed to win the election, so why stay with it?

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