Saturday, July 21, 2007

The Blog

This blog has now been in existence for exactly two months. In that time I (with some help from my collaborators) have posted some 72,000 words (I just counted them), enough to fill a short book. I don't know how many of you have read all of them, but I hope you've found at least some educational, entertaining, and/or provocative. Do let me know what you like, what you don't like, and what you'd like to see more or less of. Thanks for your support.


Quico said...

As you know, I'm a big fan: I like pretty much all of it.

What I want more of is union stuff. How they understand the historical moment, how they think about their position, where their interests and ideologies overlap and where they diverge. Sometimes I wish you would pick up a phone and actually CALL some of these union people instead of just relying on media accounts of what they've said, but that may be hoping too much.

Also, I love it when you let your satirical side show.

What do I want less of? Ummmm...well, sporadically there's a post I'm not interested in, so I just skip it. Reader power, y'know? So I will just pass on that question.

Unknown said...

My contacts in the unions are limited. If any reader can offer the kind of insight Francisco wants, let me know.

Anonymous said...

Since this blog is a daily enjoyment and source of knowledge for me, I have a strong incentive to answer the author’s call. I would thus suggest two possible themes for future posts:

- Language. Politics in France (as elsewhere) is heavily key-worded and I’ve always regretted the absence of a French Safire (and now even Safire is gone). I would very much like to read for instance what an American translating so many prominent French thinkers would have to say on “patriotisme économique” vs. “economic populism”;

- Decentralization. Not all French politics is local, but a great deal is since the early 1980s (isn’t it, Alain Juppé?). French politics is also Marseille, Poitou-Charentes, Creuse, Lyon, Martinique, Toulouse, Lille, PACA and even…Paris politics. The so-called “presse régionale” is often quite interesting, sells more than the “presse nationale” and is mostly on the web for free! And the “municipales” are coming next year…

Anyway, many thanks for this blog.

Unknown said...

Two excellent points, Eloi. I'm sure I'll find the right occasion to deal with the first--and I am avidly following the burgeoning debate on the "economic populism" that is now sweeping the Democratic Party in the US, so there will be lots of fodder for comparison.

As for the second, I'll do what I can, and the point is not only extremely well taken but very pertinent to my own current work on the history of democracy in the US. I'll be working on a paper over the next few months that will engage with a paper Bruce Ackerman wrote for the Harvard Law Review on American constitutional history, and my argument will hinge on the tension between the local and the national. But, alas, life is short, even for an insomniac, and to follow the regional press in France at all closely would drive me past the breaking point. Of course if a helpful French reader were to point out interesting stories for comment, or perhaps even undertake the job himself, I would be more than grateful.

Anonymous said...

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