Thursday, July 5, 2007

Fox News Is Gonna Love This

A video clip has been unearthed in which Christine Boutin, minister of housing and cities, responds to a questioner, who asks whether George Bush might have been responsible for 9/11. Yes, she says, availing herself of the unimpeachable logic that a lot of people think so, as shown by the high traffic on Internet sites retailing this conspiracy theory. "Aware as I am of the new technologies of information and communication," she says, this popular plebiscite must mean something.

I look for the very Catholic Ms. Boutin to be banished from her ministry in short order. This is trouble that Sarkozy doesn't need, and Boutin's nomination was meant only to appease a small but not insignificant part of his coalition (perhaps it was the fulfillment of a promise he made to keep her from running herself, as she had threatened to do). I hope that right-wing American talk radio hosts, who will undoubtedly follow this story as flies follow a garbage truck, are careful to note that the devout Ms. Boutin attends church regularly and opposed civil unions of homosexuals. What a boon to American Francophobes.

It's curious that it took so long for this clip to surface, since the interview was with Karl Zéro and must have caused a stir when it was made. Or is accusing Bush of responsibility for 9/11 such a banality that it simply vanished from viewers' minds?

For earlier comments on Boutin, see here and here. Incidentally, the latter page is the most popular on this site, because it was mentioned in Commonweal magazine's on-line newsletter. An expert in the new technologies of information and communication like Ms. Boutin would no doubt find that quite interesting.

Another plus for Sarko if he fires her quickly: he'll have a job opening he can fill with one of the lean and hungry supplicants in his own camp, who are miffed that he passed them over in favor of Socialists.

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