Friday, July 20, 2007


As if to illustrate the point in my previous post about factional blockage, Noël Mamère appears on cue, calling upon environmental NGOs to pull out of the talks with the government known as the "environmental Grenelle." They should withdraw from this "farce" (pantalonnade), Mamère says, because "additional moral persons" have been included in the discussions. This is his coy way of saying that Borloo plans to hear the views of nuclear power advocates, agrobusiness, manufacturers and users of genetically modified seeds, etc. The idea seems to be that on environmental issues there are only two schools, one of virtue, the other of vice; government, of course, should always be on the side of virtue, should eschew the counsel of the vicious, and should act only by imposition of its undefiled will, never in concert with the evil-doers. Perhaps Mamère should apply for a job with the Bush administration. He has the requisite Manichaean world-view.

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