Tuesday, July 10, 2007

Paris vaut bien un déjeuner

Sarko's suavité didn't end with the Euroland finance ministers. His seductive gifts were also deployed yesterday in a Parisian restaurant (Les Cocottes in the 7e, in case you want to add it to your carnet de bonnes adresses*). Invited were the heads of four student unions, who probably don't lunch in such style every day. Not that their heads were turned, mind you: "Although the lunch was sympa," said Julie Coudry, the leader of La Confédération Etudiante, "we won't forget to be vigilant."

Nevertheless, she went on, "The text of the reform seemed pretty satisfactory to us, especially since it included professional insertion among the missions of the university."

How times have changed. I recall attending a demonstration against the implementation of the Réforme Haby back in 1977, in which one of the chief complaints of the demonstrators was that the reform's emphasis on "professional insertion" was an indication that le grand capital was taking control of the educational system and "transforming the schools into factories." The slogan of the day was: "La Réforme Haby, j'en ai déjà marre." Giscard wasn't clever enough to invite the student leaders to lunch.

* Check out le resto here. Looks good! Former chef of the Crillon, etc.

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