Sunday, July 8, 2007

Valls Talks Sense to Socialists

Manuel Valls, the deputy mayor of Evry and one of the younger generation of Socialist leaders to watch, warns the party against any further "diabolization" of Sarkozy. Instead of trying to ridicule Sarkozy's energy and omnipresence, which as I noted the other day 78 percent of voters regard as strengths, the PS should concentrate its fire on "unjust" measures such as the bouclier fiscal, the ceiling on taxes for the wealthy, and the proposed copays on medical costs. "I am glad that there is an active and omnipresent president," says Valls. "Rejecting the old politics of loud denunciation and systematic refusal of everything that comes from the government will allow us to be more audible tomorrow." It's almost as if he were reading this blog. In any case, it's good to hear a Socialist leader talking sense for a change.

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