Tuesday, August 28, 2007

The Court Pronounces

Le Figaro reports that a court in Nanterre has awarded damages of 15,000 euros to a person whom it chastely identifies only as "the young woman appearing in photographs with François Hollande" on a beach in Malta. The court refused, however, to order the withdrawal of copies of the "people" magazine Closer containing the photograph and already in circulation.

One wonders if the story will be covered by Valérie Trierweiler, who reports on the Socialist Party for Match and who bears a certain resemblance to the aforesaid young woman. It might help boost the flagging fortunes of the Socialist Party and its leader. As the Telegraph, less chaste than Le Figaro, noted some time ago in an article about how bloggers revealed information that French newspapers cannot print:

But, according to a new book about sex and French politics, Sexus Politicus, internet revelations might even assist politicians.

"Far from being a flaw, to cast yourself in the role of seducer is without doubt an important quality in our political life," said its co-author, Christophe Deloire. A recent French opinion poll found 83 per cent of the electorate would still vote for a candidate if he had cheated on his wife.

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