Monday, August 27, 2007

Foreign Policy

It was the little things that counted in Sarko's speech to a meeting of ambassadors today in which he traced the broad outlines of his foreign policy. If anaphora is the defining trope of his (and speechwriter Henri Guaino's) rhetoric, it was abundantly on display today. Repeated introductory clauses included "Je suis de ceux qui pensent ..." and "Prévenir une confrontation entre l'Islam et l'Occident ..." The incantatory pulse served as effective camouflage for a certain number of telling petites phrases:

"In confronting international crises such as the one in Iraq, it is today established that unilateral action leads to failure ..."

Was the word "failure" mentioned in Kennebunkport?

On Turkey, "France will not oppose the opening of new chapters in the negotiations," though it still prefers a different kind of association and hopes to persuade its partners.

"I want today to stress the importance of a Europe of Defense. Setting the Union in opposition to NATO makes no sense. We need both. More than that, I am convinced that it is in the self-interest properly understood of the United States that the European Union should gather its forces, rationalize its capacities, and, in short, organize its defense."


clearcreek said...

sir - is there an english version of the speech anywhere? i would like to read it if possible and i am not bilingual...thanks

Unknown said...

Not that I know of.

Anonymous said...


Je découvre votre blog avec grand plaisir. Il est extrêmement intéressant d'avoir l'opinion d'amis "non-français" sur notre pays.

Je retiens votre petite remarque (sarcastique ?) : "Was the word "failure" mentioned in Kennebunkport?"

Je ne sais pas ce qui s'est dit (dans "l'intimité") à Kennebunkport, mais tout ce discours de politique étrangère m'apparaît plein de contradictions, dans le texte lui-même et par rapport à l'attitude du président français pendant son séjour aux États-Unis.

Quelle est votre analyse à ce sujet ?

Unknown said...

Chère Françoise,
Merci de votre commentaire. La réponse sera assez longue; je vais donc la mettre dans le fil principal du blog et en anglais, si vous permettez. Merci encore de votre question.

Anonymous said...

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