Friday, August 24, 2007

Rue89 on Les Gracques

If you haven't discovered Rue89 yet, you should. This Web-only news outlet, run by ex-staffers of Libération, combines well-written articles with innovative video and audio reportage. Today's piece on Les Gracques, a group of technocrats and former ministerial staff members who lean left of center and hope to influence the shape of whatever new force emerges on the left, is well worth a look. Bernard Spitz, the current leader of the group, compares the situation of the PS to that of British Labour under Thatcher, with a "supply" of ideas unsuited to society's "demand."

Jean-Pierre Jouÿet, who is now secretary of state for European affairs in the Fillon government, used to head this group. Le Nouvel Obs seems to be backing it as a source of ideas for PS renovation.

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