Saturday, September 29, 2007

Big Brother is Listening

So how many fonctionnaires have been assigned to troll the Web for comments on the environmental Grenelle? Seems that mine has not gone unnoticed. Will the government remain this attentive after 22,000 bureaucrats have been shown the door?


Anonymous said...

Don't worry, 22 000, and much more, will go totally unnoticed. The total number of fonctionnaires ( 5 millions ? )is controversial as even the government does not know for sure how many work for him. There are so many "statuts" and a lot of grey areas. And there is a national, a regional and a health services " fonction publique" .The national was still growing, even when more and more functions were transfered to the regional level.

And of course, nobody is shown the door. This is impossible in France where fonctionnaire is a lifetime job.

The plan, as you know, is not replacing 50% of those going in ( early...) retirement.

Will the program be implemented at full force during the 5-year Sarkozy term ? will the governement be brave enough to close his ears to the shrill protests of unions and lobbies ? I doubt it ..

It is great that they noticed your comment. However I am puzzled by the poor level of its translation into French ! "organisations génétiquement modifiées" instead of "organismes", which does not make sense at all. " gestion de rebut" instead of " gestion des déchets".

Such mistakes show that trolling the english-speaking Web has not been assigned to French fonctionnaires, but to native english speakers hired for the occasion. Or contracted to a foreign media service.

So you can stop worrying about the 22 000. They will not be missed and your comments will still receive proper attention...

Unknown said...

Thanks for your comment. But the number is not as high as you think. See:

Anonymous said...


The site national de gestion de la fonction publique displays the following figures :

- Fontion publique nationale : about 3 000 000 , including state owned agencies like La Poste.( not included by Insee )but excluding armed forces.

- Fonction publique territoriale : 1 700 000

-Fonction publique hospitalière :
850 000

Grand total : 5 550 000 out of a total workforce of around 25 000 000.

Still missing the 22 000 ?

Anonymous said...

address for above figures

Unknown said...

Thanks for the site. The difference, of course, is whether one includes local and regional government employees (fonction publique territoriale)and hospital staff as well as "state civil servants" as such. The latter number about 3 million, as both INSEE and CDGFN agree. For some comparative purposes it's better to use the smaller figure, for other, the larger. In any case, you're perfectly right that a reduction of 22,000 is a very small percentage of the total, regardless of whether the total is 3 million or 5 million.