Thursday, September 27, 2007

Embezzlement or Bamboozlement?

Denis Gautier-Sauvagnac, the head of the UIMM (metal industry trade group), is accused of embezzling 5 million euros from his group's treasury over the past 5 years. But Arrêt sur Images smells a rat. Why, the editors ask, have media owned by Dassault and Lagardère given publicity to the suspicion that the money actually went to metal industry unions? Is the government using the investigation to establish a "hold" on the unions in order to ensure their docility in the face of the current reforms? Why has the response of the unions been so muted?

Well, this would be hardball politics indeed. Is @sI too suspicious? In Germany it has been established that large side-payments were made to unions at Siemens and VW to quell potential labor trouble. It's not impossible that similar tactics were employed in France. Nothing is proven. It's useful to be reminded, however, that any number of agendas may be involved in what one reads about this case.


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