Wednesday, September 19, 2007


Bernard Kouchner says that now that he's foreign minister, a "diplomacy of truth" has replaced a "diplomacy of hypocrisy." This by way of defending his remark, which he says was misinterpreted, that it's time to prepare for war with Iran. He's in Washington today, after visiting Moscow yesterday, where he paid a call on the offices of the Novaïa Gazeta and paused before the shrine in memory of Anna Politkovskaïa, the anti-Putin journalist who was murdered last year. The diplomacy of truth apparently does not exclude theatrical touches from the amply stocked repertoire of the founder of Médecins sans Frontières. I trust that his commitment to the truth will continue to be as forthright in Washington as it was in Moscow.

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Anonymous said...

Where did he ever say that it was time to "prepare for war with Iran"? I am surprised to see you follow the line of the common media and quote only "un membre de phrase" while removing the whole context.