Monday, September 24, 2007

An Unusual Labor Conflict

Workers at Conforama are protesting a decision by a court in Pontoise that has forced the chain to close on Sundays. The decision came in response to a suit filed by Force Ouvrière, which represents a minority of the workers. The majority want to work, including many members of FO, but the union rep is adamant about enforcing the Labor Code provision against Sunday work. Other stores located near Conforama outlets remain open on Sundays.

Travailler plus pour gagner plus. One wonders how long the president can bear to stay out of this fight. Conforama management has joined workers to protest the court's decision.


Anonymous said...

I'm wondering. Putting you on the spot: which of the many fights do you think he will choose to pick?

Unknown said...

I see no sign yet that anyone is prepared to test him seriously. The miners have announced that they'll join the cheminots in the Oct. 19 job action, but will that turn into more than a 1-day affair? I doubt it. The more serious opposition will come from a coalition of the center left and center right skeptical that all the reforms add up to enough to compensate for the deficit they're creating.

Of course if anyone does try to make a stand, he'll parry. But Sarko and his more vocal opponents have one thing in common: they like to make a splash. The real maneuvering is going on more quietly, and out of sight.

Anonymous said...

That can't go on too long, can it?
Sooner or later, he will face the Big One. Education, Immigration, Economy? Will he have the horses?

bwatson said...

I'm surprised he hasn't jumped into this fight already. This is a theme he has picked up before. For example: