Thursday, September 20, 2007


Ron Tiersky wrote: "Sarkozy, like him or hate him, is no intellectual but he has the talent and could have become one." In tonight's prime-time news interview with Arlette Chabot and Patrick Poivre d'Arvor, Sarko had this to say when PPDA pressed him about his differences with Jean-Claude Trichet of the European Central Bank: I would recommend that he look at what other countries are doing, he said in regard to the Fed's decision to lower the Fed funds rate to 4.75%. "L'enfer, ce n'est pas toujours les autres." Bien joué, Monsieur le Président.

He was equally sharp on every subject that came up, from Iran to Cécilia and the Bulgarian nurses, from his relationship with François Fillon to Kouchner's evocation of war with Iran. I have a young friend who doesn't care for M. Sarkozy at all but who nevertheless says of him, Putain, il est fort. I can only concur. When it comes to giving interviews, he has few equals.

One criticism, though: he really needs to come up with an adjective other than remarquable to describe the work of his "collaborateurs."

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