Friday, September 28, 2007

Védrine on Iran

Former foreign minister Hubert Védrine makes a number of good points about the Iranian situation in an article at the Telos site. His most interesting observation concerns the present course of American policy toward Iran, which he judges not to be optimal. But President Bush has so thoroughly earned his reputation for obstinacy, Védrine believes, that other international players are reluctant to propose strategies that would require an American initiative that they cannot imagine Bush taking. "Rather than resign themselves to fate," he concludes, "France and the Europeans should try to persuade the United States to adopt a bold strategy of movement."

I agree and am consequently disappointed that, thus far at least, Sarkozy seems precisely to have resigned himself to fate.

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Anonymous said...

yes but rather than talking from the fences Védrine should have taken Sarkozy's proposal.

Why comment when you can be a major player ?