Thursday, October 18, 2007

Montebourg Mocks

Arnaud Montebourg had this to say about the Sarkozy divorce: "La France se moque comme d'une guigne des peines de coeur de ses dirigeants politiques." France doesn't give a fig about the heartaches of its political leaders, we might say in English. Except that in this case the fig is a cherry and might lend itself to some unfortunate double entendre, as explained here. Montebourg's reaction is not atypical of the Socialists, who seem to want to make three points: the important issue of the day is the strike, not the divorce; private life is none of our business, but Sarko has it coming to him for putting his private life in our faces; and le salaud deliberately timed the announcement of the divorce to coincide with the strike, on the theory of un malheur en cache un autre. You can almost here them saying, "Le malin! Putain, il est fort!"

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Anonymous said...

Montebourg's reaction is purely polemical.

Private life may not be his business but he cannot resist making a "bon mot". Remember when he said that Segolene Royal only problem was her companion !