Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Open Thread, Suggestions Welcome

A reader's e-mail suggested that he would have liked to suggest topics for future discussion but found no way to do so on the site. So I am offering this open thread as a place to post suggestions (use the "comments" link below this message). Other comments are as always welcome.

As you can see from the stat counter in the lower right column, we're now over 30,000 page views. Curiously, the recent flap with Lesley Stahl led to a temporary surge of traffic, almost three times the normal volume. This has now begun to subside. It seems likely that many people who know nothing else about Sarkozy will know that he can be abrupt and peremptory when pushed to discuss matters he doesn't want to discuss. And many like him for it, perhaps because they see a flash of temper as a mark of authenticity.


gregory brown said...

Here's my suggestion -- more discussion of current academic work on contemporary France. Being where you are, you have much greater exposure to the current work of scholars in the States and France.

Fr'instance, you mentioned in a recent post a lecture at Harvard -- how about a summary of the talk?

Josh Marshall, as he was building his blog empire, started to recruit authors to discuss their work on topics of contemporary interest. You've done that in some of the "guest" posts.

Then again, I am usually in the minority in calling for more academic pointy-headedness.

Unknown said...

Good ideas, Gregory, and I'll try to oblige, but the problems are familiar to you, I'm sure. Much academic work assumes a certain background that can't be assumed in readers of a blog. Arguments aren't always easy to summarize in a short space, and one is always reluctant to run the risk of misrepresenting someone else's ideas. Guest posts are nice, but getting them isn't easy--the blogging medium doesn't come naturally to many academics, perhaps because of the problems mentioned above. And my own time is limited--I'm spending too much of it on the blog as it is. But I'll see what I can do.

Anonymous said...

I'll put in a vote of appreciation for the economic analysis/synthesis that you post. It's not something I'd get otherwise.

Anonymous said...

My suggestion would be to have more topics related to foreign policy : Franco/US relations, Nato, Iran, ME,Russia etc..always of course in their relation with French politics, according to the blog's purpose.

The label " Sarko l' américain" ( not used by Arthur )is a bit short to fully describe a foreign policy stand, and even misleading in my opinion. Besides, I have never read this label outside of the US media (as wishful thinking) and the backpage of l'Humanité( as an insult )..

Anonymous said...

What do you make of the flap aroused by Jean Quatremer's post on his blog concerning Sarko's comments about Muslims? Did the regular media ignore this because they thought Quatremer's information unreliable, or what?