Monday, October 1, 2007


The fickle French: the bad news hasn't even started yet, and already Sarko is down in the beauty contest polls from 72 to 55 percent approval, while Fillon has slipped below the midfield marker to 47.

Maybe the Socialists ought to withdraw their petition to the CSA asking that Sarko's airtime be curtailed. He doesn't seem to be doing himself any good by talking so much.

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Anonymous said...

this seem to be pledging against my statement in a previous comment of this blog: "if you can speak 10 times more than your opponent, you will always be the one who is right in the polls."

Actually it does not make it wrong in my mind: sarkozy's policy is located quite far on the right side. Hese permanent TV shows still enables him to pull the average french opinion to the right side, but still not enough to approve the war in iran, the DNA test (privilege of foreigners only), the 15 billions waste of credits reducing margin to zero, ill people to pay new fix amount of money for the hospital etc