Friday, October 5, 2007

Scholarly Crackdown?

According to historian Paul Schor, the working group of the Institut d'Études sur l'Immigration et l'Intégration has been assigned the mission of "determining pertinent fields and subjects" and of "identifying the main lines of current and desirable research," which are then to be submitted to a Scientific Committee charged with "validating and orienting the main avenues of research and ensuring the neutrality and quality of results that are to be made public." The quotes are from the mission statement of the working group and seem to validate the worst fears of scholars who warned months ago that the government was preparing to intervene in academic research on immigration in an unacceptable way. The only way to "ensure quality" in research is to allow free and vigorous debate. Government cannot dictate what is "neutral" or "valid." Such an affront to academic freedom is astonishing and intolerable. I expect the protest to grow louder in the coming months.


Paul Schor said...

The French Government backed down. The inauguration of the Institute is postponed to an unknown date.
Premier Ministre
Haut Conseil à L'Intégration

Paris, le 3 Octobre 2007


Afin de donner toutes les informations nécessaires sur les futures missions de l'Institut d'études sur l'immigration et l'intégration, créé en son sein, et pour dissiper tout malentendu, le Haut Conseil à l'intégration, en accord avec la Direction de l'Institut, a décidé de reporter son installation officielle à une date qui sera communiquée prochainement.

Alain Q. said...

Where is the wicked goevernment intervention you mention ?

The government apprently is asking this Institute to define his own missions ( nothing is forced on them..) and to screen them through a Scientific Committee, which is probably not populated with raving racists..

What other course of action would receive Mr. Schor's approval ? something like: here is the money, go and play with it ?