Thursday, October 18, 2007

So How Is It?

For those of you in the midst of the strike, how's it going? What's the atmosphere? What's the word in the street?


Anonymous said...

Nothing spectacular in the XXme here in Paris. Car traffic almost seemed lighter than usual, as if people planned to take the day off. I had to postpone some banking, but besides that, really almost like a "jour congé".

TexExile said...

Much the same on day 2. Not at all clear how conditions may have changed since yesterday, as I have taken to cycling the 12km to work and the web sites of RATP and the other public transport bodies now seem to employ poets rather than mathematicians to describe conditions. Instead of '1 rame sur 2', we get varying degrees of "perturbé", right down to "trafic non assuré" and even "quasi-nul". If I believe the web, things are better today, but the RER stations on my line were still closed, so I am not sure what the move from quasi-nul to non-assuré really means. Anyway, traffic is light, as I suspect many who stayed home yesterday will faire le pont. And the rest of us can be twice as productive, as there's almost no one around.

Polly said...

This is how it was in Paris yesterday. As a French friend said, "C'estiat un reve!"