Friday, November 30, 2007

Comments Blocked?

I've received a report that a reader could not post a comment because a Google account was required. I did not make this change, and my Blogger settings allow comments from anyone. Has anyone else encountered this problem?


Anonymous said...

I'm testing the comment feature from another computer, posting anonymously.

Anonymous said...

I seem to be able to post anonymously. Not sure why it's not working for you. There's nothing in Blogger help or forums about this issue.

Anonymous said...

Just testing to see if "anonymous" works.


Anonymous said...

I posted as a "non-googler" today with "pseudonyme' only - no problems.

Ron Tiersky said...

Ron Tiersky said:

Art - Things have indeed changed on your blog.
I had to create a google account to be able to post with my own name, so I did. In doing so I lost a long post I had written before getting to the problem in posting. It concerned the agony of having a heart on the left and a mind (or wallet) on the right. I invoked the famous, "ni a droite ou a gauche, mais ailleurs." Another way to put it would be to use Raymond Aron's "le spectateur engage." I realize that critics might want to say that this is ideology, or at least trying to have it all ways. In any case, in the present case, I would say that Sarkozy is in some respects right-wing and in others left-wing. I would add the "the left" has not always been left (cf. the sad history of the French Communist party) and it often has been so divided and confused (the Socialists)that it is difficult to say what the left would be if it were indeed left. I'd add that the situation of the French right is probably less ambiguous. Generally, the French right has been on the right, often disastrously so.

Unknown said...

It seems that Blogger has introduced some new software. I'm not sure what the limitations are, but those who don't want to sign up for a Google account can still post anonymously, apparently. Then you can sign your comment in the text if you wish. Sorry for the change. Blame Google, which seems to be developing a Microsoftish megalomania.

Alison said...

I've noticed this on all the other Blogger blogs I read. While I do have a Google account, I prefer to use my name and blog URL. That's no longer possible. My choices are my Google account, Nickname, and Anonymous.

Yes, this annoys me.