Thursday, November 15, 2007

DNA, oui, statistics, non

The Conseil Constitutionnel has ruled that the DNA testing provisions of the Hortefeux Law are legal, provided that the law governing kinship is that of the mother's country of origin and that consular authorities demonstrate that they have verified or attempted to verify regular birth documents before requesting DNA evidence.

By contrast, the Sages ruled against the collection of racial and ethnic statistics on the grounds that Article I of the Constitution declares that France is a "republic, one and indivisible .... ensuring equality before the all for all citizens without distinction as to origin, race, or religion.

Giscard and Chirac sat together on the Council for the first time as ex officio members.

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Anonymous said...

" the law of the mother's country of origin"

I find this provision highly disturbing. It means that a foreign law is granted preeminence over a French law. In a subject like immigration and filiation this is very dangerous and could lead to de facto recognition of polygamy.