Wednesday, November 28, 2007

PS Leadership Contest

Le Monde today passes in review six "outsiders" who might replace François Hollande at the head of the Socialist Party: Moscovici, Rebsamen, Valls, Peillon, Sapin, and Hamon. One might well quarrel with the label "outsider" for several members of this group, but all are no doubt possibilities. Of the lot I would prefer Moscovici and then Valls, perhaps Sapin. Hamon would be a step backward, Peillon (who opposed the European Constitution but rallied to the Lisbon Treaty) a disguised step backward, and Rebsamen a way of marking time and going nowhere. Moscovici is more seasoned than Valls and more polished, though the latter, more fiery and less "smooth" in the pejorative sense, might make a better candidate if it comes to that--though choosing a party leader is not necessarily choosing a candidate. I have less of a sense of what kind of leader Sapin would make. Moscovici is smart but can be snide, a characteristic acquired no doubt through too much service as porte-parole and political hatchet man. It doesn't always serve him well.

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