Thursday, November 8, 2007

Student Protests

Web sites related to the growing student protests in France can be found here, here, here (Jeunesses Communistes Révolutionnaires), and here. I still don't know very much about the Collectif Contre l'Autonomie des Universités. How did it get mobilized, with whom is it affiliated, who are the leaders, what rivalries among student groups are involved, are faculty groups associated with the students, are they meeting with Pécresse, etc. I haven't found much in the papers. It would be great to hear from people in the affected universities (I know you're out there!), sociologists working on social movements in France, etc.

Some further information here, but still extremely sketchy.

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dominic said...

If u don't know about the "Collectif" go to your embassy ,ask to your "attache culturel" he is paid to know that.....;