Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Student Unrest

Numerous publications are reporting this morning Valérie Pécresse's assurance that she is a keeping a close eye on student unrest at various universities. "It's paradoxical," she says, "that just as the state is once again involved [in the universities], just as it decides to lend a hand to make the universities more powerful, to assist them in better preparing students for the job market ... there is discontent, which seems to me unjustified."

This same statement is reported here, here, here, and here. Yet none of these distinguished publications sees fit to tell us much about what the students are protesting, other than general discontent with "reform" and Sarkozy. Does anyone have any more useful information?


Anonymous said...

This seems to me an endemic feature of French journalism--namely, to tell us that there is a conflict without ever explaining exactly what the conflict is about. I used to think it was because the news media, and in particular Le Monde, tended to assume that all readers had read and retained every word printed in previous issues, so that explanation was deemed unnecessary. However, I now begin to suspect that it is rather that the actual issues are deemed inessential; what counts is the conflict itself, and who is on what side.

Unknown said...

An astute observation.