Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thibault ...

... or not Thibault, that is the question. Bernard Thibault sounded a little desperate in an on-the-street interview that aired on tonight's JT. Without outright repudiating the AGs that keep renewing the strike, he reminded strikers that negotiations begin tomorrow, that they would likely "be long," and that it would be necessary to maintain the rapport des forces if necessary to win concessions. In other words, get back to work now, or we'll run out of steam; this is going to be a long slog.

Essentially, Thibault is caught between the more intransigent members of his and other unions' rank-and-file and the need to work out a compromise before the public loses patience. The point has been made, he's telling his men; let's not overplay our hand. He sounded like a nervous man, however.

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Quico said...

Nervous? I bet he was. From the inside, it must have been clear that something like last night's TGV switching equipment fires was about to happen.

Talk about overplaying their hands. What a gigantic blunder.