Saturday, November 10, 2007

A Worker Speaks

Rue89 has an interesting piece by a railway worker and CFDT member who tried to find out where various of his colleagues stood on the reform of the special regimes, as well as where their unions stood. By his account, most workers are willing to accept the increase from 37.5 to 40 years on condition that work time in the private sector is counted and the rules governing benefit reductions for those falling short of 40 years are changed.

As for the unions, SUD and FO want to keep the present system, period; the CGT is just "against" the reforms but hasn't distributed any outline of a counter-position to its members; UNSA is supposed to distribute a tract on Monday; he didn't meet anyone from CFTC and doesn't know the position of CFE-CGC; and FGAAC, the union of engineers and conductors, is out for its own membership only and has already reached a separate pact with the SNCF. Most workers, he says, are distressed that the situation has deteriorated to this point. He believes that the government could turn things around quickly with a decent offer and a willingness to negotiate in good faith.

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