Thursday, December 27, 2007

Discrimination and Wages

A new paper (via Tyler Cowen) tests Gary Becker's theoretical work on the effect of racial discrimination on wages in the United States and finds empirical confirmation. I mention this not because I want to hypothesize that a similar effect would be found in France (though I suspect it would), but rather to ask whether the recently-passed law banning the collection of racial statistics in France would preclude empirical research of this kind (again, I suspect it would). And if my suspicions are correct, might not those who defend the law in the name of a race-blind society want to reconsider their position, insofar as research like this might be used to combat racial discrimination politically? Just asking ...

CORRECTION: Instead of "recently-passed law," I should have said "recent decision by the Conseil Constitutionnel ..." Apologies for the error.


Anonymous said...

At the same time some associations are "testing" descrimination to enter night clubs; which is a statistcal approach based on racial distinction. Private practice is different from public laws...

Anonymous said...

I don't imagine mere research based on racial statistics would have big impact - the unequality is already obvious.

So, wether the stats have no conseqences, and why bother, or they do - and I don't want the racialisation of society (if you forgive me the big words) that goes with the racial statistic based measures to correct unequality.

I'd wager too that this point of view is a majority in these minotities too - could be wrong.

What I'd really like is to see the cops having a less racist (always controlling the not whites, harassment tactics in the banlieues etc), and an application of the already in place legislation (make these fines crippling, advertise loud and long the racists companies/nightclubs).

So not an all out opposition to these statistics, just not convinced.

Anonymous said...

Here's a more detailed account of French opposition to statistiques ethniques

Anonymous said...

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