Thursday, December 20, 2007

Laval Decision Revisited

Éloi Laurent disagrees with Jean Quatremer's analysis of the Laval decision, which I cited yesterday, and suggests this source instead. There you will find a much more pessimistic reading of the decision, which is taken as a blow to "social Europe":

The European Trade Union Confederation (ETUC) expressed its disappointment on the "challenge" that the judgement "poses to the very successful flexible Swedish system of collective bargaining and those of certain other Nordic countries – the models for flexicurity currently being promoted by the European Commission".

ETUC added: "It will necessitate reviews in those countries of the implementation of the posted workers directive. There could be negative implications for other countries' systems from this narrow interpretation of the posted workers' directive. There could also be implications for unions' ability to promote equal treatment and protection of workers regardless of nationality and there will also be concern that unions' ability to guarantee these objectives is threatened by the free movement of services principle."

Thanks to Éloi for the pointer and the instruction.

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