Saturday, September 22, 2007


Arrêt sur Images effectively exposes the way the brave new media work. In this piece, Maja Neskovic shows how the network France2 recycled previously-aired testimony by a member of the police SWAT team in the "Human Bomb" case that first brought Nicolas Sarkozy, then mayor of Neuilly, to national attention. The first time around, the policeman, Daniel B, was not identified. The second time around, Daniel B became Daniel Boulanger, who just happens to be promoting a new book, while France2 just happens to be promoting a "docufiction" on the Human Bomb.

And in this article, Judith Bernard cruelly but not inaccurately picks apart Sarkozy's performance in his recent television interview, jointly broadcast by TF1 and France2. Nevertheless, 76 percent of viewers found the president "convincing."