Saturday, September 29, 2007

Big Brother is Listening

So how many fonctionnaires have been assigned to troll the Web for comments on the environmental Grenelle? Seems that mine has not gone unnoticed. Will the government remain this attentive after 22,000 bureaucrats have been shown the door?

André Gorz Remembered

A program on France Culture dedicated to the memory of André Gorz, who died this week.


Yes, I've been quieter than usual this morning, but not because I'm enjoying the fine New England fall weather. I've been busy gathering statistics for a talk on Sarkozy's economic policy. For readers in the Boston area, I will be speaking as part of a panel on the new regime at Harvard's Center for European Studies, 27 Kirkland St., Cambridge, on November 1 at 4:15. The other speakers will be Stanley Hoffmann, Sophie Meunier, George Ross, and Justin Vaïsse. It should be an interesting occasion.

I will post the data for my talk after the event. In the meantime, if you have any suggestions about topics I ought to cover, please post a comment.

Restive Youth

It seems that younger Socialists feel that the time has come not only for the old éléphants to retire but also for some of the smaller fauna who traveled with the elephant herds to make way for the lean, hungry, and spry. In Paris, Lyne Cohen-Solal and Daniel Vaillant, longtime associates of Mayor Delanoë and the Jospin current, are facing challenges for places on the ticket. The municipals next spring promise to be quite interesting. The UMP is apparently nervous that the costs of the Sarkozy reforms will make themselves felt before the benefits, if any, emerge. Fillon was dispatched to Strasbourg, where the party is meeting, to reassure the faithful and to quell continuing rumblings about l'ouverture.