Sunday, September 30, 2007

Fabius Signs On Marshall McLuhan's Magical Mystery Tour

Laurent Fabius is the latest in a long line of Socialists who think that the president oughtn't to be on TV so often. In fact, Fabius wants a constitutional amendment to require time allotted to the president to be deducted from time allotted to the government.

I see an element of magical thinking here. The Socialists still cannot comprehend their loss of the presidency, so they are searching for occult theories. Sarkozy must exercise some wizardry by way of le petit écran, Fabius seems to be arguing, so we must amend the constitution to limit his use of it. Had it not been for Sarko's magic, Ségo's might have worked: Jospin accuses her of having sought to become the incarnation of the people, in the manner of Jeanne d'Arc or the king's sacred body, rather than its representation, in the democratic sense.

This is absurd. What is more, it is contemptuous of the people, who do not sit mesmerized before images of Sarkozy emanating from their screens. The problem lies with the message, not the medium. McLuhan is soooooo last-century.