Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Why 2007 Is Different from 1995

For a summary of the differences between the Juppé reforms, which provoked a crisis and ended in a government retreat, and the Sarkozy reforms, see this Telos article by Laurence Boone. One key difference mentioned in the text but not in the summary table is that, this time around, the unions are not being asked to relinquish their role in managing the retirement system. With union membership shrunk to about 7 percent of the work force, the lowest unionization rate in the EU, the system of gestion paritaire is essential to the survival (and financing) of the unions.

Television, the Internet, and Politics

Some interesting observations and data here.

Two More Useful Web Sites

Thanks to versac, here are two more useful Web sites for students of France:

La Vie des idées: This is from the République des idées people. The journal is going to cease publication, with the Web site now the public outlet for this carrefour of reflection on contemporary political and social issues.

France démocrate the news source for Démocratie en mouvement, launched by a militant of MoDem.

Comparative Immigration Policy

The Migrant Immigration Policy Index Web site is a useful tool for comparing immigration policies across EU countries in many different areas: labor market access, family reunification, residency requirements, naturalization, political participation--more than a hundred dimensions in all.

Here is the overview for France.

The Euro and the Chinese

Thomas Palley examines the euro's appreciation against the renminbi and explains why it may be difficult to do anything about it.