Wednesday, October 24, 2007

First Environmental Accords

The so-called Grenelle of the Environment has produced its first results: an accord on higher building insulation standards and a promise to freeze new road and airport construction.

Bergsten on Euro

C. Fred Bergsten agrees with Sarkozy that Europe needs to pay more heed to its exchange rate with China. His thinking is also reflected at the IMF, as this blog by IMF research director Simon Johnson makes clear.

Fert on Research in France

Nobel physicist Albert Fert makes the point I made in an earlier post. France does good research but is slow to capitalize on promising new discoveries by translating them into working technologies. He contrasts the responsiveness of American industry to scientific research by relating an anecdote: within a month of his first lectures on giant magnetoresistance, he had been visited by a delegation from IBM.

Simone Veil Opposes DNA Testing

Simone Veil says that she opposes DNA testing of applicants for family reunification because there are "a thousand other ways of identifying people." She adds that it's "a question of image" and that the method is "too heavy." I confess that the logic of these statements is not very clear to me.