Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Miscellaneous Strike News

Libé pulls together some interesting pieces of strike news:

Participation is down at both the SNCF (22.8 %) and RATP (16.4 %).

Sarkozy has called for severe punishment of those responsible for burning of TGV switches.

Manuel Valls harshly criticized his own party, the Socialists, for failing to state clearly that they favored the alignment of the special regimes with the general civil service regime.

Talks have begun.

Per Capita GDP Decline

Per capita GDP, a widely used measure of economic well-being, declined in both France and Germany between 2002 and 2005, according to revised OECD figures.


A bulletin from Le Monde informs me that Jacques Chirac has been mis en examen for his alleged role in the diversion of Paris city funds when he was mayor. There was a time when I would have greeted this as good news and murmured something about "the rule of law." But Chirac, who was once as pictured in the photo, a would-be Nouvelle Vague matinée idol, now looks so old and, as Jospin put it years ago in one of his many campaign errors, usé, I can't help feeling that the trial will be a sad waste of time. It's a new era. Why bother? Will it get the Métro running again? That, at the moment, seems so much more important than stale retribution.