Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Absence Makes the Heart Grow Fonder

Sarkozy has done his predecessor a favor: Chirac's triumphal return to the Salon de l'Agriculture could hardly have offered such a striking contrast had Sarko not set out to make him look so good. Even stroking the head of a piglet can seem a majestic manifestation of statesmanship. To be sure, a woman can be heard on the clip saying "comment il a vieilli," but no one says "Ne me touche pas, tu me salis."

One wonders if George Bush's successor can do as much to magnify his presidency in retrospect.


MYOS said...

Today's C dans l'air: "le grand Charles et le petit Nicolas".
I am quite sure they'll talk about the Salon de l'Agriculture and about Chirac's visit there.

Anonymous said...

M. Bush's successors will do him, and the world, the favor of letting the former president retreat to his ranch to fight the war against encroaching brush, with the occasional million dollar speech at AEI.

Let the republicans fund his retirement and keep him off the TV.