Thursday, February 14, 2008

Comparison: The Italian Case

On Telos, Francesco Daveri evaluates the economic policies of the now-defunct Prodi government. Many of the measures Prodi took to boost growth and productivity resemble Sarkozy's program: reduce social charges imposed as payroll taxes to decrease the cost of labor, increase labor market flexibility, liberalize services (taxis, pharmacies, mortgages, insurance), etc. Corporatist interests reacted defensively, and Prodi's popularity dropped. Structural changes failed to yield quick results. The government fell.

Of course France is a very different country from Italy in many respects, but still ....

(For the picture, thanks Polly)

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Anonymous said...

Good heavens, is there any conclusion that you can draw from the events in Italy that isn't about electoral systems? If Sarko had the Italian electoral system he would already be gone, just like if he had the British one he would be much more effective. In all seriousness, I'll draw that analogy the day any French government is at the mercy of the PCF and UDF.