Saturday, February 9, 2008

A Disastrous Lack of Opposition

Bernard Girard, in another lucid post, says out loud what I have been thinking for some time: that the lack of a coherent opposition has been disastrous for Sarkozy. It has allowed opposition to develop within his own ranks, encouraged people who voted for him and journalists who favor him to grumble aloud rather than keep their disappointments to themselves, and obliged Sarkozy to respond to every attack and whisper, which has distracted his attention from more important things.

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Anonymous said...

The several traps that Sarkozy set himself are now closing in on him: the hyperactivity became hyper vacuity, the "lovestory at Elysée Palace" turned into ridicule, and his methodic destruction of any opposition is now making him the sole target. But it seems to me the real reason of all this is a consequence of the way Sarkozy lead his campaign, and the way he provoked strong hostility towards him in large segments of the french population. Sarkozy chose to get elected by creating and reenforcing divide instead of consensus. This electoral strategy worked, but alienated him any possibility of a large and collective support, and many are those who have been waiting for his downfall since the moment he was elected. This is ultimately, I would guess, what he now is paying the hard price.
PS I like your blog, it always is interesting to read an outsider's point of view on our little country's political theater!