Thursday, February 21, 2008

France Monde

The announcement yesterday of the creation of France Monde, a holding company charged with managing all French foreign broadcasting interests, was dominated by the usual clucking about nepotism: doesn't Christine Ockrent's companion have a government job? Hasn't she made a mess of other media ventures? What about her other conflicts of interest? Overlooked in all this fuss was the curious fact that Alain de Pouzilhac, who is actually to head France Monde, has no degree higher than the bac. This certainly gives him an unusual profile in the French elite (are you listening, New York Times?). The son of a "penniless aristocrat" turned public-relations man, Pouzilhac made his mark in the world of advertising.

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Anonymous said...

Not sure what your point is regarding de Pouzilhac. The son of an aristocrat (even a penniless one) is by definition also an aristocrat, and hence belongs to a noble caste which in France has traditionally been given special treatment through famly connections and snobbery, not necessarily through wealth and brains.

But regardless, De Pouzillac is an odd choice for FranceMonde, since he was for decades head of huge advertising agencies (owned by Sarko buddy Bollore) ... yet Sarkozy has pledged to remove ads from French public stations. De P. was also head of the now (apparently) doomed multilingual France24. Is this guy failing upward, or is the candidate pool in France just really small?