Monday, February 18, 2008

Geographic Shift

In recent weeks there has been a marked geographic shift in visitors to this site. In the past there were roughly twice as many Americans reading as French, with Brits and Canadians following, as you can see here. Over the past month, there have been approximately as many readers located in France as in the United States. In part this is because of Ségolène Royal's visit. Some of my posts were republished in France and brought new readers to the site. Many of them appear to have stayed. There have also been links to the blog from important French sites such as La Vie des Idées,, Le Post, Twenty Minutes, MediaPart, and various blogs.

In any case, I hope that French readers will publicize the site to their friends and acquaintances. If you want to post comments in French, that's fine with me, and I will answer in French, assuming that this doesn't exasperate too many English-only readers (I have no way of determining how many of my readers are comfortable in both languages). At times I've thought that I ought to have started this blog in French. The potential audience would certainly have been larger, but it would have taken me five times as long to write, and I already invest too much time in this activity. Anyway, I'm glad to have a French audience and will switch languages in the comments section as seems warranted.

Thanks as always for your kind words, support, corrections, and criticisms. I'm particularly grateful for corrections of mistranslations--a professionally useful reward.


Anonymous said...


For me it's no worry for the french or the english!

I must confess, that, I can more easily read in english than write, that's why i please you to forgive my mistakes in writing!

I wanted to react at your article!

Because i think that, i'm certainly not the only one french, since few month, to seek information about our country outside of the usual french newspapers.

... And that's the main reason why I have found your very interessing blog! I'm always happy to read you!

Then, just to say that can be a an another reason for the increasing number of french people reading your blog!

Unknown said...

Merci, Anarchie, même si je préfère l'Ordre relevé par un soupçon de Mouvement (raisonné, bien sûr). Il est toujours utile de chercher ailleurs, de solliciter un regard extérieur, pas forcément plus perspicace que celui du citoyen mais moins habitué à ce qui est et donc peut-être plus ouvert à ce qui pourrait ou devrait être.

Anonymous said...

I agree this blog's a lot better with a constant switch between French and English. It is strange, and rather wooden, talking about France, but only in English.

Charles Bremner's blog in the Timesonline, the other English-language blog about France I really like, has gone the same way. A constant interchange between French and English comments.

I wouldn't say it is too difficult for English-speakers to follow, as long as the French is not too vernacular.

Anonymous said...

I landed here while coming from another english writing blog :
It's so valuable to get a point of view coming from people who are not really foreigners. You understand us, while keeping this anglo-saxon mindset which helps to discover what we do not see because of our bias.

Thanks a lot for that. I wish you a more and more successful blog

Anonymous said...

Readers who speak English only might lose some of the discussions. I'm saying so because The New Republic article that brought my attention to this blog mentionned that a casual reader could miss some of the french references (french words, "Sego" , "Sarko",...)

But I'd say that as long as you keep the same balance as currently it should work fine. English-speakers will get a deeper insight on France, and french-speakers will keep on enjoying a different angles to franch news.

Keep-on the good work!

Anonymous said...

"French news" of course.
Although I'm sure that the news you provide "sont très franches".