Monday, February 11, 2008

More Mediocre Grades

While we're looking at grades on economic policy (see previous post), Jérôme Créel and Éloi Laurent take a stern view of the ECB and IMF here.

For students of translation, note that passager clandestin in the final sentence is better rendered in English as (the non-obvious) "free rider" than as "stowaway." The latter would mystify social scientists, while the former will send them back to Mancur Olson's Logic of Collective Action, making sense of a passage otherwise opaque to Anglophones.

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Anonymous said...

Thank you for the article. You surely noticed the "pique" of La Tribune's presentation: "En bons keynésiens...", a discrete yet efficient way to locate the two researchers in the raging French economic debate between "politique de l'offre" and "politique de la demande". I ask myself whether or not it is intentional (marking the researchers as Keynesians in order to make them appear as partisan) or just a general comment.