Monday, February 18, 2008

A Video Document to Savor

Amateurs of political treachery, students of Sarkozyan tics and mannerisms, and adepts of the saga of Neuilly 2008 will savor this document, showing Jean Sarkozy delivering a passionate speech in favor of Arnaud Teullé, the candidate now disavowed by the UMP but briefly its official representative after the resignation of David Martinon. Devedjian chose to go with the formerly dissident list, which is leading in the polls, and Jean Sarkozy has returned to the shadows. Prince Hal's Agincourt has not yet come, and for the time being he can continue his night-prowling by motorscooter with whatever Falstaffs he shares his time.

And by the way, can one imagine two personality types more different--physically and one suspects emotionally, intellectually, and politically--than Jean Sarkozy and Arnaud Teullé?

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Anonymous said...

Well, that's further proof that political skills must be at least in part genetic. The kid's good.