Saturday, March 1, 2008

EADS, the USAF, and John McCain

So EADS has landed a contract to supply the US Air Force with tanker aircraft. Some American senators are openly questioning why the United States would hand such a boon to an allegedly unreliable ally. But not all. In the states of Mississippi and Alabama, where Northrop, EADS's American partner, has its plants, the senators are very happy indeed.

Pat Roberts of Kansas is one of the unhappy senators. Of course, Boeing, which lost out on the deal, has a plant in Wichita, where 767s were to have been modified into tankers if Boeing had won the contract. Indeed, Boeing had been selected for the job previously, but it was discovered that there were kickbacks from the company to the procurement officer. John McCain was instrumental in the investigation that uncovered the fraud.


5BUCKGAS said...

Thanks McCain for offloading more of America's jobs.
You are no better that that loser Bush and would cause more damage then good to the USA.
70% of the 9.5 trillion debt was borrowed under Republican admins Why are you guys bent on Bankrupting the USA.

Mary Fernandez said...

Actually, 5buckgas, since 60% of the new planes are still manufactured in the US, the American jobs are still here but have shifted to different states - Georgia, et al. rather than Seattle and Kansas.

Futher, soldiers like me (CPT, JA, U.S. Army) don't have to ride in a plane already a generation out of date and taxpayers like all of us don't have to pay kickbacks to employees of Boeing who long ago started to believe they were the only game in town.

God bless John McCain. The only honest man in Washington D.C.

Anonymous said...

As an Aerospace Engineer who has lived and worked for more than ten years in France, I wonder if today,the French Government would give US airframe manufacturers the same opportunity the US has just given EADS ? To be fair, in the past the French military has used US airframes, but in todays political and labor climate, and in an election year _ I doubt it.

Anonymous said...

Given Boeing's tendency to shift much of its production overseas, it is likely that the Northrop-EADS project will create more jobs in the US than Boeing would have.

Anonymous said...

Merci monsieur McCain!
Don't worry as the Pentagon loser said the new tanker will have a sticker with the American flag on them.

Anonymous said...

John McCain helped rewrite the procurement rules so EADS could get the contract. Then John McCains staff got huge kickbacks from EADS. The Airbus aircraft will cost us 30 plus more billion to operate. The irony is that since McCain is a member of congress, his staff selling America short is totally illegal. If you are French, vote for McCain.