Monday, March 3, 2008

Hesitation Valls

Manuel Valls, a Socialist deputy and mayor of Evry, has long been a Socialist to watch, a young présidentiable whose strategy for winning back the Élysée looks to build the party toward the center rather than try to reconstruct the rickety remains of the old Mitterrandist coalition. Although Valls has been proposed by others as a possible secretary general to replace François Hollande, he appears to have renounced the job for himself and is hesitating for the moment between Ségolène Royal and Bertrand Delanoë, albeit with an apparent preference for Royal. "Ségolène Royal has made some interesting proposals toward an evolution of the party's central doctrine," he said yesterday, while "Delanoë is concentrating on his campaign" to remain mayor of Paris.

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Anonymous said...

Unfortunately Manuel Valls seems to be continuing a long line of bright socialists, from Rocard to Delors, who made the right diagnostic, but shied away from doing the job.